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Hi, I hired Montway Auto Transport to go pick up my car on 4/25/16, by 5/02/16 they still haven't assigned anyone to pick it up, and I needed my car picked up from an out of state dealership, ASAP.. 10 days have passed, nothing. I even offered to pay more if they would go pick it up on 5/02. Still nobody to go get my car. I 'm still not sure what the motivation is to screw me over.. perhaps it was to get more money from me by not going to go get it.

Richard K, who was handling the company emails was notified by me in writing ( per their company website) that I wanted to cancel. They sent me emails saying my order was canceled, and I hired another company to do the job and they told me they couldn't go pick up my car when Montway is offering more money to get it. I can't get any response from Montway about why they are still listing the order and offering more money without my permission- and when I had cancelled this order 3 days ago.

I'm just an honest guy who bought a car and wants it delivered by an legitimate auto shipping company.

Brian C

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Montway Auto Transport Pros: Got the runaround.

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I believe the complaint, they post on every car to be hauled on uship, then repost it for pennies on the dollar, they are making a killing and other people are doing all the work. I suppose it's legal, just a little unethical


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