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We hauled a car for Montway out of NC going to Illinois. We originally found the vehicle on Central Dispatch.

The whole process was a pain. In order to dispatch the load, you have to send them all your paperwork such as your authority, DOT number, etc. (even though all of this information is on our Central Dispatch account.) Then they also make you send them a form with your direct deposit information because that is the only way they'll pay you. After that, they make you sign up for an account on ship.cars because they refuse to dispatch the load via Central Dispatch like 99% of the other brokers- I'm assuming the reason for this is so you can't rate them directly on Central Dispatch.

When you get the "contract," it consists of all these terms of agreement. One of those terms, however, is that once they receive the bill of lading and invoice, they issue your payment in 2 business days. That right there is where my issue lies. We picked up the vehicle on Monday, May 21st and it was delivered as agreed, on May 23rd.

Everything on the ship.cars is electronic- the BOL, even the invoice so it is automatically sent. I checked our account on Friday the 25th and nothing. No trace of a payment. I called Montway and asked if they were missing any necessary paperwork.

I was told no, and that the payment should be issued that day. I get an email on Monday the 28th at 1:17 am from them requesting our W-9. I already sent the W-9 on May 18th at 11:01 am. However, I resend it.

Come Tueday, May 29th, still no funds. We call and are told we are missing the W-9. We informed them that that can't be possible because we were told they won't dispatch without all paperwork accounted for. So then after some back and forth arguing with the customer service rep, we get sent over to accounting.

They say there was an error in processing the payment then we are told it was after their cutoff time on Friday. We have had nothing but the run around.

I suggest not to use them or you might have to fight for your payment like we are. Transporter BEWARE.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: I'd like our payment.

Montway Auto Transport Pros: Electronic paperwork.

Montway Auto Transport Cons: Not receiving payment.

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I would gladly pay you directly, or any transporter who isn’t contracted with a broker. Unfortunately, I can’t find any direct carriers. We are both getting ripped off by the middle man!


We usually get our loads off a load board called Central Dispatch. I know car lots can post cars needing hauled without going through a middle man (broker.) It might be worth a shot. We are out of NC.


Hopefully you can find someone to help you!!


Thank you for sharing your experience. I just canceled my transport based on your review.

I just made the reservation less than an hour ago and they were already trying to give me crap about it. I would gladly pay you directly to transport my two vehicles from NJ to CA!!!

@Mad Consumer

As much as we would love to transport them for you, unfortunately we are not equipped to run in CA.I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you find someone who will treat you well.


I too am looking to transport vehicle from CA to GA. Just about every company I’ve checked out has gotten horrible reviews. Is there anyone you would recommend?

@Gloria Chilson

Gloria,Unfortunately I don’t know any transport companies personally. I would recommend doing a google search for a transport company and seeing if you can contact them directly. I’m sure most transporters would rather haul without dealing with the middle man.

@Gloria Chilson

Gloria, if you are still looking for auto transport - give me a call directly 941-914-7373 Brenden with Goliath Auto Transport.

@Mad Consumer

If you still need vehicles shipped, give me a call 941-914-7373Brenden with Goliath Auto Transport

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