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Don't choose Montway. They are just brokers.

If cargo carrier damages your vehicle, they say they are not responsible. Cargo carrier also does not pay and you will have fix your vehicle with your own money. The carriers they are employing are not of trustworthy. Sometimes cargo carrier can use your vehicle and they really noting Montway does about it.

Cargo carriers became very clever these days, when vehicle is damaged they fix it on their own and repaint it and deliver it in the night time so that you will take your vehicle and later they say that you damaged the vehicle not them. Big time cheating is going on.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Car carriers have insurance. Most carry at least $250,000.

Our insurance was over $1,800 a month. My friend pays $59,000 a year for two trucks. The carrier is ALWAYS responsible for damage and if Montway didn't go to bat for you, they should have.

What does your contract with THEM say? What does CARRIER contract say?

@E Sellick

Carrier is not answering calls from Montway or I. Montway says, we can’t reach them and don’t do anything.


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@Montway Auto Transport

everything was accurate on what has been complained on. BBB also just do the same brokering.

They haven’t been transparent enough to trust their rating. Just don’t employ people who don’t even respond to your calls.

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