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Quoted $1150.00 for an open transport from South Carolina to SO Cal. I opted for the enclosed carrier at $1550.00 for my 71 Mustang convertible.

Was told 1-4 days for pick up. After the first week I was emailing daily that I didn't even have a pick up date yet. Was told it was 1-4 days after first day car was available. I booked a week early so that when the date came they would be ready and have a transport available but OK....

but after the end of the 4 days from the first available day and me emailing and calling daily, on day 5 in the morning they change to " oh its 1 to SEVERAL days for pickup" !! But at the end of day 5, I was told they had someone to pick it up that day, but it not only was it going to cost me $400.00 more, I had to get someone to drive it 200 miles north (400 mile round trip for my seller) !! I told them no, the distance wasn't an option. Finally on day 6 (2 weeks after started order) they said they had a truck to pick it up that day but it would cost me an additional $149.00.

I said fine, just do it I will pay. Then when the driver (who actually was great) called to confirm, he told me he was an OPEN carrier. Long story short...very long story...Montway not only refused to honor the original $1150.00 for an open carrier they originally quoted, they charged me $149.00 MORE than they quoted me for the enclosed!! They refused to even knock off $100.

I was told I could refuse but they doubt they could get anyone to pick it up for the price they quoted me unless someone was desperate for a job. It may take weeks more... Really... Then why did YOU quote me that price in the first place.

Luckily due to a great trucker, he loaded it top and rear for maximum protection and delivered exactly when he said he would which is something Montway failed at every turn !! Run away from them as fast as you can !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Montway Auto Transport Car Transportation Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Montway Auto Transport Pros: Did email prompt responces.

Montway Auto Transport Cons: Would not honor quote or contract.

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@Montway Auto Transport

If you are so "reputable, then where is my compensation for the completely inaccurate and "bait and switch" quote.


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