State College, Pennsylvania
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This company will steal you blind! They say they give you a military discount of like $50.

They say they will pick up and deliver as promised. They wont! I was very clear on what the earliest day was that they could pick up my sons car for delivery they called me the night before and said they were there to get it. I could not get there to meet the driver 24 hours before the agreed upon date.

3 weeks later I was still trying to organize a new driver they lied to me and said I would not be able to go with another company because if they found out I had already had contacted Montway they would double the price. They kept promising me they would get a driver to pick up the car. My son is a Marine at 29 Palms he just wants to be able to get off base with some of his friends before deployment. Montway would call and say a truck was on its way then cancel 1 hour before they were supposed to show up!

No one speaks English clearly. Not one person!!! They LIED to us over and over. I have 2 sons in the military and I would ask anyone that is even considering using this company to think twice!

I ended up paying $200 more because they kept changing the date! So there is no military discount!!! I got the distinct impression they enjoyed sticking it to my son. I will NEVER EVER USE OR RECOMMEND THIS company to anyone!

They called me constantly to make sure I emailed them the verification every time they increased how much they were going to charge me.

Other than that I have not heard or received an email from them regarding when the car is actually going to arrive. We have had to call the trucker directly. This last time before the pick-up I was told the car would get there on a Wed. or Thursday now we find out it is not till the following Monday!

If nothing else there is a whole bunch of Marines planning to open up a trucking company to transport cars for military personal when they our done serving our country.

One that will not screw military people over and their families! Please pass this along to all military personal.

I know I have been sharing my HORRIBLE Experience with this company to anyone and everyone!

OH Almost forgot!!! I was told when I wanted to change companies that there are NO REFUNDS!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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