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I was part of Montway, but was not satisfied of the work conditions and got fired. Before I continue with my story, I want to say that I am very frustrated that especially the owner of the company Mike Mihaylov cut me off for almost nothing.

More than 3 months I worked in the sales department of Montway and during the whole time I was loyal to the company and never argued with my co-workers. The fact is, it was stressful for me to lead the often calls with different personalities. Couple of times I got accused from customers for mistakes that were not mine. At that time I confess I lost my nerves and shouted out to some of them. I know, it was not the best solution, but s*it happens.

When Mike found out, instead of having a conversation with me and to hear my point, I was let go by the company. Who is firing people without even a notice, c’mon? And all of this, just because I yelled on the phone few times? If he just had told me not to lose my nerves ever, I was about to listen.

Instead, I got a dismissal. For me, this is not fair and not ethical, as I was protecting the name of the company!

That’s why, for me Mike and Montway are pure scam and just take advantages of their workers.

Keep that in mind if you plan to go work with them. I personally do not recommend this company.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A few times? So,it just want once that you yelled at customers!

Too bad, learn proper customer service before you take a job. You don't lose your temper, you don't yell at customers.


This is the first positive and appropriate thing I have heard of Montway doing! Late pickups, could care less about damage, pay off bad reviewers to retract...

that is what I expect from them. But actually improving customer experiences by firing *** like you?

Surprising and commendable.

Reps like you are a dime a dozen and yes, the first time (much less "a coupla times") you yell at and abuse customers you should be fired without warning and in fact should lose your last paycheck as a "processing fee"


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