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Montway was the shipping company who picked up my car shipping order through the broker company called National auto shipping. I was told to ship my car from New York to California, would take 7-10 business days.

I agreed with the terms of paying the broker $195.00 by debit, and then paying Montway Auto Transport 1100.00 COD in California. I explained to the broker, that I won't be arriving to California until the 30th of January, so delivery on the night of the 30th or the 31st is ideal and is what I'm looking for. The contract was set up and Montway was scheduled to pick up my car 1/23/2018. The truck driver Chris came on time and helped me check for damage and also explained to me that he would be arriving in 5 days.

I was shocked to hear of this because of what I was told prior, that it would be a 7-10 day delivery. I was frantic because I needed to have my car shipped; prior to using this company, I was scheduled with RoadRunner shipping from December 19, 2017 to have my car picked up January 20, 2018 and they never showed up or called to confirm pick up, so I was behind schedule of having my car shipped, which is why I found a new company. From here the driver told me that he could park the car on the street for me and leave the car keys since I had a spare, and once he sends me video and photos of the cars delivery, I could then make the payment to Montway Auto Transport, I agreed! Moments later I get a call from Montway confirming this, and I was told that I could send money Via quickpay through chase.

I was told that If I pay with credit card, than I will be charged 3% so quickpay is better and I agreed. Thursday came and I received a call from Montway. (THIS IS THE MOST EXHAUSTING MOMENT OF THIS STORY, AND IT LASTED TWO DAYS!) I was contacted and asked "when I was going to send the payment over"? I stated when the car is delivered, and I had already arranged the quick payment with someone two days prior and the driver will also send me video and photos of the car.

The woman I spoke to said, that can't be right since the car will be delivered on Sunday, and they will need the money before then because it's not longer COD. I stated to her that I already spoke to someone and confirmed that I will send the money once the car is delivered. She said she will give me a call back. I received a call back from a man, and he was rude and dismissive and told me that no one can confirm my payment on the delivery date (which is Sunday) because no one will be at work to confirm it.

I then stated that, I was told something totally different and on top of that I was told that the car would make it there 7-10 days, not 5 days; I am being inconvenienced at this point. The customer service representative had no compassion and was not trying to accommodate me what so ever. He then stated to me that It's the brokers fault (National Auto Shipping) for telling me that it takes 7-10 days and I should take that up with them, and If I don't pay this money by the end of business day on Friday, than my car will be put into storage somewhere and I will have to find where that is. I WAS DISGUSTED!

I asked to speak to this persons supervisor and long story short, "Kenny"told me the same thing and was even more callus with me. Rather than taking the responsibility and the blame of having miscommunication with National Auto Shipping in the first place, Montway Auto Transport put the blame on to me and basically threatened me; that my car will be sent somewhere that I will have to figure out the location if I don't pay. At this point I am fed up and just want to meet in the middle. Montway Auto Transport stated, "how will they know that I will pay the money when the car arrives on Sunday"?

I stated back, "how will I know that you will deliver the car after I pay you the remaining $1100.00"?? I then stated that I want it in writing that the agreement has changed. Montway Auto Transport declined my statement of having a written agreement and told me to take it up with the brokers since they messed it up. (At this point I am fed up).

I called the Brokers at National Auto Shipping and explained everything and they explained that they put my car on an express truck....(????? Express????) I did not ask for that! (Obviously they wanted my business and money, so they gave Montway the order, knowing well enough the dates that I would be arriving to California!) I digress. Moments later I received a text message from Montway that they will be sending me over a contract for the change of service, that I will have to sign and return.

(which is what I asked for minutes prior) They send over the the email of the contract and it's a waiver, that states I will not sue for damage that is done after my car is dropped off at the location, I will send the final payment on Friday before the end of business day and I will not post a negative review on social media and not go to any media source. (???????) ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! How dare they try and silence me! I work late nights so I wasn't able to return the waiver to them until the next day.

Early morning at 8am my time, 7am their time; I get a text saying they haven't received my waiver and they need this waiver ASAP. 8 IN THE MORNING! How disrespectful! I then proceed to revise the waiver, because it is against the law to even ask me to do such a thing, especially when I am Being treated horribly!

I send the waiver back and I also pay the $1100.00 remaining balance, and ask for my receipt through email. From here on out I receive calls from the higher ups of the company. They state to me that it sounds like it's the brokers fault and that they apologize on behalf of their staff but it doesn't sound like they were trying to be disrespectful to me. They kept on putting the blame on National Auto Shipping when they are both to blame!

They then asked me why I crossed out things in the waiver that said I wouldn't write a review? I stated, because I will be writing a review, along with making a video review as well! I was contacted and mildly harrassed by these higher ups because they didn't want me to write a bad review. One was named Eleanor, They told me that they will see what they can do, and to wait until after the weekend before I write a review.

I have heard nothing from Montway Auto Transport and I don't think I will be hearing from them any time soon! Montway Auto Transport did nothing to accommodate me in any type of way. They put the blame of their miscommunication with National Auto Shipping on to me; I was given the short end of the stick, and their customer service was horrible. I feel that they took advantage of me and took none of the responsibility and still haven't taken any of it.

I will like to end on a positive note and say that the truck driver was very polite, and he really did help me when he came to pick up the car initially. That was the only positive transaction with Montway Auto Transport ; DO NOT USE MONTWAY AUTO TRANSPORT!!!

If a broker gives your order to them STEAR CLEAR OF THEIR COMPANY!!! I HAVE TEXT MESSAGES, EMAILS AND PHONE LOGS Please heed my warning!!!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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