The Bronx, New York
Not resolved

This what I just sent companny

This is the way you load a 1950 pickup

How stupid can this guy be you guys charge me top price and use idiots to transport my truck it’s on such a incline that would stay running because all the gas in the truck went back flooded the motor out with gas then the idiot keeps cranking and cranking the engine over and over

Destroying the motor washing all the oil out of the engine dry cranking the engine the owner at pickup location in California said he couldn’t beleive it was yelling at them he was furious

What kind of companny hires idiots like this I just started useing you I shipped 3 cars this past month please call me tell me what your going to do about this now I sit and wait because these fools probably going to take it off 5 times before it gets to me truck engine will be junk please call me before plaster this on the Internet with your name on it Horribble !!!!

Joseph mcmichael


Product or Service Mentioned: Montway Auto Transport Transportation Service.

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