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If I could select no stars I would have. I asked to have a Honda pilot shipped from CA to MN and was told it would be picked up on Wednesday and delivered by the following tue or wed (costing me over $1200). Then when they assigned a driver I called to verify and the driver said no way until the following fri. So I called back to montway and they dropped that company and called with a new one called interstate roadrunner Inc.

they said it would be there the following wed or thur am at the latest. I bought plane tickets and planned around all of these dates they said would be no problem. Being military and not having a lot of time to play with I thought no problem it’s only a 21-23 hr drive and they can drive 11 hrs. a day at least.

So I fly to MN on that Monday stay until thur midday. I call Montway tue they say everything is good for the afternoon on wed. Call wed because they seem to be very deceiving on the phone and guess what won’t be there till thur morning. Call again wed afternoon to once again make sure because I have a flight to catch and oh it wont make it truck got a flat in Nebraska.

Never once did they call me only me calling them and it was nope wont make it thur morning but it will be there thur afternoon. I also had to have the person I was shipping the car for take the days off work expecting the car to arrive. (More money wasted) At this point I am tired of talking to Montway because all they do is say oh its never guaranteed and there is nothing they can do. Blah blah blah the worst customer service I have ever had with a company and I am a very patient person, just wanted the truth.

So here we are thur afternoon at this point I am only talking to Interstate roadrunner inc. After I have flown back to CA and interstate roadrunner says oh it will be there Friday, so not able for the person receiving the vehicle to take another day off work I say ok please deliver at 530pm on Friday. Call Friday to confirm delivery and guess what they don’t have a truck to deliver it this truck broke too but you can drive 45-60 min to us and get it! Are you serious?

. Beyond upset at this point I ask if I can have money taken off bill for the delays and hassle oh but that guy went home for the weekend and unless you want to wait till Monday to get your car and talk to the guy who can take money off then we can do that. So I said no I want my car, can you deliver it on sat at 530pm due to the person receiving it having to work again they said yes no problem. I call sat at lunch time to make sure again that they will deliver yes no problem 1 hr later driver calls barely speaking English wanting someone for pick up earlier than 530pm.

so after telling them no and telling them it must be there at 530pm they decided to deliver, then asked the person receiving for a price $70 higher than what was agreed upon. It was to the point that if it did not show up or they made another excuse I was going to report it stolen.

I am amazed in our day and age with technology and competency that this went so bad. Why not have tracking on the trucks oh I know because then you can really see what they are doing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Montway Auto Transport Cons: Excuses, Bad choice in carriers, Customer service.

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