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On 12/12/2018 (Wednesday) I completed a request to have my Dodge Viper transported to a dealership in Hickory NC from Raleigh NC. In the comments section of the request I clearly stated that the vehicle must be delivered by 12/15/2018 10am. They called me several times Thursday and Friday morning giving me a date and time that was for the following week. I declined each of those offers and told the operators that is is not acceptable and if they can't deliver by the date and time I requested then please cancel the order. Each time they said they will find someone to transport the car.

Friday morning at 10am they called me and informed me that they have found a company that will pick the car up at 12pm and transport it to the final destination. I once again told them to tell the driver that the car needs to be there by 10am Saturday morning.

When the driver loaded the truck I once again got confirmation from him that the car will be delivered before 10am he even said he is driving directly to Hickory.

Friday 4pm I received a call from the driver informing me that his truck broke down 50 miles from Hickory and he is waiting for parts to fix his truck. I once again told him that he needs to make sure the car at the final destination no later than 10am Saturday. Friday 9pm the driver called me again informing me that the car will not be in Hickory at 10am. I informed him that I will come and get the car and drive it there myself.

Saturday morning i drove 4 hours to recover my vehicle stuck next to the road on I40 sitting in a construction zone with trucks and cars projecting road debris at the vehicle.

The company now refuse to refund me my money claiming they don't guarantee ANY delivery even though they recognize that they have taken on the contract with my stipulations, and several recordings of them acknowledging to deliver on time.

Only if a did some homework before engaging with this company, I would never have done any business with them!!!

Stay away from this company as far as possible!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Montway Auto Transport Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $380.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Montway Auto Transport Cons: Fake reviews, Lying to custimer to get business, Paying additional money, Paid fake reviews.

  • Montway Scam
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I'm in the middle of a transaction with Montway and I've been amazed at just how much dishonesty is coming from them. I had read reviews and they were glowing...

Then I dug deeper and found dozens of complaints just like mine: Promised dates, lack of communication, and the very SAME excuses. Time to cancel and consider myself lucky that Montway DID NOT pick up my car.

That's saying something... when you consider yourself lucky for getting bad service that could have ended up worst.