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Montway is just terrible. They have a nice website with live chat and a cheap quote.

I was a sucker to take that bait. The service is terrible. They are broker who send out listing to the driver but they don't actually call driver to book the assignment. They just wait for driver to call them.

Minimum to zero efforts on Montway part. I booked an order 4 days ago and told them I have an urgent need to have the car picked up in 4 days with no exception. As a sales tactic, they promised they could do it. A day before the pick up time, I contacted them to see if a driver has been assigned because the deadline is a day away.

They promised they would do it and I am their top priority. Again, I am a fool to believe it! On the day of deadline, I contacted Montway again for the status. With less than 5 hours to deadline, they promise to work on assigning a driver.

Well, *** I called another transportation company and a driver was assigned within an hour because this new transportation company actually put me on hold to call/find a driver. Now that is what I call awesome customer service, unlike Montway. Once that is booked, I canceled Montway. I advised you not to use Montway.

They only make promises and doesn't follow through. I wish they would be more upfront and honest about their service instead making promises they can’t fulfill. I would have understand if they told me early enough that they don’t have a driver. I would be okay with it and will use their service next time.

But instead, they making promises that they can’t fulfill.

I will never use Montway again or recommend it. Don’t use Montway, don't be a sucker!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Transportation Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Montway Response: Montway Auto Transport does not believe this site nor comments posted on it are properly examined or monitored.Creditable review sites monitor measures of authority, quality, and activity to determine genuineness of posted reviews.They also require that both reviewers and companies follow specific rules and processes to ensure legitimacy of claims and content.Montway stands by its services and demonstrated commitment to go above and beyond to assist customers with any issues. We proudly link from our website to several reputable customer review sites, and are constantly reaching out to mediate customer concerns, in-person, and online.Renowned for high-quality customer service and expert care, we are one of the few “A+” rated by the BBB with a 5-star customer review rating.We invite you to check us out on any reputable review sites which monitor the validity of content and authorship.Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at (888)666-8929


Of course Montway does not believe this site. They can’t buy goid review here.

Go check out Yelp, majority of the lastest review within a year as of May 23, 2018 has one star revieww. Read google map business and yelp and decide for youself.

Hate for you to be a sucker like me. Don’t use Montway!


Montway is trash. They buy their way out of whatever negative review they can.

I once shipped a car through them just to see their contract. SUPER SHADY.

They offer money or incentives for you to not share your bad experience. Definition of Bad business in my book!