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Not sure how this company ever got a 5 star rating. I booked my reservation 45 days prior to the available ship date understanding there is a window of 5 days for a carrier to call from that given day.

Never having shipped a vehicle I didn’t know there would not be any communication with the company after that. Upon my first availale ship date I heard nothing, so I called the following 3 days consecutively to Seek some clarification and reassurance for myself regarding the status of my car. On all three interactions I got the same vague, repetitive well rehearse cookie cutter reply (very corporate like) that basically conveyed, sorry ma’am a carrier will call you as soon as they’re assigned. Now given my destination was clear across the country, and I was told 7-9 days to ship, and tentative arrival date was in 7 days I was getting anxious.

Especially when each one told me a driver was not assigned yet! The demeanor during each interaction with 3 different representatives was the same. Not to worry, you have 5 days ( from first available ship date)they acted as if I was shipping a loaf of bread. There was no personal empathy, no would commit or promise me anything.

Now maybe we had 2 more days to find out but with that level of concern or consideration of my time when I am paying them a lot of money for a service needs to reassess their approach. In panic I called 3 other companies.

All have me a little higher rate, but a lot more information, commitment and “piece of mind,” your companies slogan which you failed to deliver. You may want to reevaluate you customer service policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Montway Auto Transport Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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