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Montway is a broker. They put my classic car on a transport company that was less than a year old.

This company did not carry enough money for its payload. They picked the car up a day late and were bringing it in 4 days late. The transport company was involved in a wreck and I never got my car because it was totaled. All Montway can say is that it is out of their hands.

They even kept my deposit. I have no car and I am out money and storage fees for my wreck car.

No communication from MONTWAY.

Monetary Loss: $67000.

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Cape Coral, Florida, United States #896714

PLEASE SHARE: Most consumers do not realize that when they book with a broker it does not mean the broker is insured for any damage to their vehicle.

Brokers brag about being "Bonded & Insured" which means nothing TO THE CONSUMER.

The Bond is for companies such as the one I work for. IF I transported a car for them with no COD and had to invoice them, if they didn't pay me I could try to file a claim against their bond to get what is owed.

If the company decided to close their doors & not pay anyone, the bond will pay pennies on the dollar to companies that file claims early enough and the rest just have to eat the entire loss.

The "insurance" they talk about is actually the trucking company insurance. Once a year our insurance company sends a certificate of insurance to brokers we have worked with so they know we are still covered and what coverage we have. It does nothing to protect Montway and most of the time on an open carrier the cargo limit will be $250,000 coverage. That is fine if a couple of cars get damaged but it would not cover an entire load if the truck was in a bad accident.

If that happened, clients would collect a portion from the insurance and then have to sue the trucking company.

Anyone with a classic car or collector car should look into an enclosed transport company as they normally carry more cargo insurance than companies with open carriers. Open carriers are find to transport exotic cars but most won't have enough coverage for the entire load.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #702772

Montway Auto Transport is a licensed broker and carrier and we not only transport cars, we are HUGE car lovers! So it pains us to hear of damages to vehicles such as your Rolls Royce. Unfortunately, trucker delays and accidents can occur and we sincerely regret this was your experience in Jan 2013.

During transport, we informed you of the delays, and penalized both the driver and trucking company suspending them from future business. We also provided instruction and support during the insurance claiming process. The trucking company chosen, although new, met the proper insurance coverage requirements. Montway simply does not have authority to dictate how an insurance company determines the outcome of a claim.

Montway actually did offer a full refund of the deposit paid to Montway, however it was declined.

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