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Order Number: 122252 *They promise you the world, then they bid so low that the only truck you will ever see is 30 year old rig, with a driver that doesn't speak English, you will always be the last car on the rig so every time they make a delivery your car will be...
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We have been in direct communication with the customer and have rectified the situation to the customers' satisfaction.

Pissed Consumer was notified of this by way of the process they instruct people to follow in order to remove reviews.

However there has been no response from Pissed Consumer and the review remains despite the customer taking action to remove it.

Therefore the contents of the Pissed Consumer review site shows no sign of legitimacy as they do not even honor their own process when a reviewer requests for a removal.

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Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund
This was a very unpleasant move. Montway quoted me a price of $1349. They couldnt find a trucker in time and were not in a hurry to do so (or even let me know that they weren't going to be able to find one). I called several times because I was moving across the...
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Diane E

Company not telling the truth about what's in this product

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Vehicle arrived DAMAGED with PARKING TICKETS | Montway Auto Transport review from Tampa, Florida

Just received parking tickets on my vehicle from Massachusetts while it was supposed to be on a CAR CARRIER. Vehicle arrived over a week late, bumper ripped off when they unloaded off the truck in front of my house, and the clutch and transmission was in near-undriveable condition. Must have been driving my car around Massachusetts and abusing the heck out of my car. But, to make matters worse, they didn't even mention the parking tickets. Did they expect us to not notice? "Incorporated" Florida company they sourced transport out to didn't even exist according to the Florida Division of Corporations. They obviously do not check into any of the transport companies they broker your vehicle out to. What a scam. Do NOT do business with this company.
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We are sorry to hear about the situation you encountered with the carrier. When issues or damages are reported, we promptly assist our customers in filing a claim and educate them on their rights.

We cannot inform our customers of any situations that we are not made aware of ourselves. When a trucker informs us of any set backs or any situations they encountered while transporting the vehicle, only at that time are we able to relay information to our customers.

As part of our vetting process we check the national load board rating which dates back to each carrier's inception. We verify with the USDOT and the FMCSA that they are fully registered and carry no safety or other violations.

We also require carriers to maintain an elevated level of insurance coverage with full cargo coverage. If you are performing a search online for a carrier, you must be sure to have the proper information for the company as many companies do business under a different name.

Please forward copies of the tickets so reimbursement can be requested and the carrier can be properly held liable for their actions.

We encourage customers to contact us directly to allow us the opportunity to address any dissatisfaction.

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  • parking tickets
  • unlicenced
  • fake corporation
Put in an order with Montway to have my car picked up. They took a deposit $150.00 and told me the driver would be there in a few hours. No driver ever showed up. Called the Driver he said he waitied in New Orleans for 3 hours and left when Montway wouldn't give him...
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Upon booking an order over the phone, we do not charge at time of booking. The payment is processed once a trucker is assigned/dispatched to an order.

Once a trucker is assigned to an order we contact our customers by phone, email or both and provide them with the estimated pick up and delivery dates as well as the drivers contact information. Once the trucker is assigned and accepts the trucker will receive all the information for the order which includes contact information and pick up and delivery addresses. If in fact that shipment did not occur due to any mistake made on our part or the carriers part the payment does qualify for a refund or we work on assigning a different driver.

There is clearly a lack of facts in this review as truckers do not just wait around at a location without attempting to reach out to the contact person and/or our company.

Truckers need to pick up/deliver a vehicle and get on the road as quickly as possible. Waiting around for any amount of time is a serious loss of funds to a trucker. If we are unable to reach our customer and/or contact person for a certain amount of time or if the trucker can no longer wait they will in fact leave and continue on with their route. Shipping vehicles is the driver’s livelihood and they need to constantly be on the road attending to their shipments.

If a trucker was not dispatched, then how is it that the reviewer obtained a comment from the trucker?

We ask customers to please read and understand the terms and conditions in which they are accepting upon booking as we are completely transparent with all of our policies.

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  • Montway

Gave credit card at booking thinking the whole transportation paid for.Trucker refuses to pick up car unless I pay $700 in cash at 7pm | Montway Auto Transport review

This experience was horrible. They keep emailing me trying to make excuses and trying to blame me. First of all I thought I had paid for the whole trip by credit card when I booked, no one told me about $700 in cash for trucker. I called Montway four times saying that this was not acceptable, they said they would ask the trucker, but he refused and this is only at the pick up point ..not on delivery. Why doesn't anyone stop this kind of behavior my car shipment companies? I paid $249 deposit which they refuse to return.
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What happens a lot of times is that Montway will tell the trucking company that there is a Full COD owed to the trucker and once the driver has the vehicle the broker will then tell the trucker it is no longer a COD and they will have to bill them.

The problem is that even though Montway and other brokers tell truckers they will be paid within days of the car delivery, they don't pay for 30 days. Many companies won't move a vehicle on an invoice because meanwhile they have to pay the fuel on that trip and the driver and then wait to be paid.

I just had this happen to me yesterday.

Montway dispatched our company a car with a COD and later tried to change it to a billing.

I actually told them to take their order back, I won't move cars for the majority of brokers unless it is a COD.

Sadly, you probably got caught in the middle of a similar situation. Please don't blame the trucker as it is very likely the broker lied to him to get him to transport the vehicle.


For future transport customers:

The payment process and what is expected is verbally discussed during booking, it is written on our website, it is listed in the contract signed by the customers which details the amount to be paid, who is to be paid, and when payment is accepted.

Montway has earned its 5 star rating by informing our customers, educating them on the process, providing excellent customer care.

We take extra caution to clarify the payment process to put customer minds at ease. However, it is also the customer's responsibility to understand and adhere to these policies and read their contract.

Please call us if you ever have any questions or concerns about your order.

To the author of this post:

Montway has performed a full internal investigation and are unable to find a record of service for this person.

Therefore we have no evidence of the author being our customer nor of the claims described.

We urge all of our customers to contact us directly to voice concerns so we may have the opportunity to rectify the situation. Dear Sir or Madam, Please feel free to contact us directly with your order number and we will be happy to work with you to address your issues.

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Montway is on and says they offer the best auto shipping rates. Bull Shi_ they have an online auto shippng calculator that offers instant car shipping rates. I ran the vehicle shipping cost on there instant auto shipping quote calculator then made some...
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“I just feek overwelhemed at this place.”

Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)

I have been working at Montway Auto Transport

Pros – They pay me on time. There is coffee.

It ends here....

Cons – Fines. Swears and negative emails. Constant stress. No managment engagment and support.

Only ctitiques!

Advice to Senior Management – We are not out to get you. We work hard.

Appriciate it and respects us. Customer support is negative enough for us to deal with your trust issues.

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BEWARE!  Please read - Montway Auto Transport review
Montway is a broker. They put my classic car on a transport company that was less than a year old. This company did not carry enough money for its payload. They picked the car up a day late and were bringing it in 4 days late. The transport company was involved in...
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PLEASE SHARE: Most consumers do not realize that when they book with a broker it does not mean the broker is insured for any damage to their vehicle.

Brokers brag about being "Bonded & Insured" which means nothing TO THE CONSUMER.

The Bond is for companies such as the one I work for. IF I transported a car for them with no COD and had to invoice them, if they didn't pay me I could try to file a claim against their bond to get what is owed.

If the company decided to close their doors & not pay anyone, the bond will pay pennies on the dollar to companies that file claims early enough and the rest just have to eat the entire loss.

The "insurance" they talk about is actually the trucking company insurance. Once a year our insurance company sends a certificate of insurance to brokers we have worked with so they know we are still covered and what coverage we have. It does nothing to protect Montway and most of the time on an open carrier the cargo limit will be $250,000 coverage. That is fine if a couple of cars get damaged but it would not cover an entire load if the truck was in a bad accident.

If that happened, clients would collect a portion from the insurance and then have to sue the trucking company.

Anyone with a classic car or collector car should look into an enclosed transport company as they normally carry more cargo insurance than companies with open carriers. Open carriers are find to transport exotic cars but most won't have enough coverage for the entire load.

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Update by user Aug 24, 2013

Since submitting my original complaint Montway Auto has established effective lines of communication with me. Thank you Montway for keeping me update.

However, two months after my car has been destroyed the insurance company covering the transport company hauling...

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Montway Auto Transport does not believe this site nor comments posted on it are properly examined or monitored. Creditable review sites monitor measures of authority, quality, and activity to determine genuineness of posted reviews.

They also require that both reviewers and companies follow specific rules and processes to ensure legitimacy of claims and content.

Montway stands by its services and demonstrated commitment to go above and beyond to assist customers with any issues. We proudly link from our website to several reputable customer review sites, and are constantly reaching out to mediate customer concerns, in-person, and online. Renowned for high-quality customer service and expert care, we are one of the few “A+” rated by the BBB with a 5-star customer review rating.

We invite you to check us out on any reputable review sites which monitor the validity of content and authorship. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at (888) 666-8929.

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